Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Testimonials from our preceeding rally

From Feb. 21 Rally:

Student at rally:
"Getting a job you can also get connected, find other ways you that you want to be successful, start talking to other people who can help you become successful and help you find where your place is in life."

FROM YOUTH RALLY on 3/27/2010:

Felix Arroyo Boston City Councilmen's testimonial (Former ABCD student):
" I remember my first summer job, it was at ABCD. When I was like a sophomore, right? And after that, I got real lucky and I got a summer job at the US attorney office and they rehire me the summer after that. So sophomore, eleventh and twelfth, I was working during those summers. And I still remember those jobs and I still remember the first time I got in trouble showing up late. I had no idea you can get in trouble for doing something like that, right? I mean, i didn't know they can deduct your pay. Things like that, that was important for me to learn; how to speak with your supervisor, how to do an interview process. All these things were important to learn but also my senior year was a really bad time for my household, my whole entire check went into my family and it was actually very important for us that summer to have that check be a part of what we were, part of our economic situation at home."

Martin Booth from Project Right:
"Trying to get back the 4 million, 6 million dollars that they took from us, from the youths. Summer time, around the year, doesn't matter, trying to get the youth jobs. It affects more than just Boston. It affects people from Worchester, we have a rally not too long ago in front of the statehouse. We have people from Worcester, people from Massachusetts in general. The whole budget cut affects the whole Massachusetts, not just Boston."

Gabriel Valesquez from Project Right:
"I have seen effects on the community I worked, I work in growth hall area. You can definitely see the effect it has on the youths out there. A lot of people hanging around the corners, you know, just nothing else to do because they don't have jobs. The movement as far as getting the youth the jobs back, giving them more opportunities, just getting them off the street cause, with those jobs cut, i mean, the violence and the crime rates, they all rise so we really just try to mitigate with that, well, in one way or another you gotta start somewhere so I figure, start get these youth their jobs back."

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